World's masterpiece | novel Alamut



May 28, 2024 3 min read

How endlessly tragic, but, on second thought, long ago predictable:

Poor people keep equating communism with dictatorship, with totalitarianism. As they have been taught by the guardians of the emptiest of religions, the emptiest of beliefs in a confusion of opinions.
Poor people, they do not know what they are saying, they do not know what they are thinking. In fact, they do not even know who they are, where they come from, where they are going and why they exist. These questions are cosmic, for the moon, but we are cool on earth. Let the blusters bluster, we are cool.

Someone else has the concepts and the knowledge for them. Someone who wants "communism", happiness and prosperity only for themselves.

People will not think deeply, still less taste what communism can be, because they know about it everything that their surroundings expect them to know.

They do not need to know that they may have felt it, for example, when they felt embraced in the family, in love, in the village. When the world glowed with trust.

Yugoslavia touched and partly lived this kind of true communism, a humanity beyond ideology, beyond shallow economic precepts and practices.
That is why it had to be destroyed by all means, so that "Western civilisation", with its imperialism, its Nazi-globalism, its "democratic socialism", could have a free pass. That is why it was necessary for decades to brainwash the people, to re-educate them like cattle into shares (stocks), to lie to them 24/7, to suck up to them, to slowly but steadily pour the dung of doubts, lies, insinuations and half-truths on their souls and in their hearts, so that their memory would flush red and be lost in the universe, so that the ears will no longer hear, so that the million victims of the struggle against Nazi-globalism will be forgotten, so that Yugoslavia will be forced upon them, so that it will fall, like an eternal historical loser, like a purulent excrescence, a discharge, a defect in the organism of life.


The central meaning of communism is humanity. Without ideology. Without superfluous words. Without superfluous rules. No superfluous politicians.
Because the only valid laws are not written in books and codes and regulations, but reside in the heart that knows for itself and for others. That reside in our morality. Only the starry sky is to be observed. And the trees. The immensity within us. In the other. And the immortality of the soul.

Poor people, they have unwittingly become anti-human, set themselves against the other, but most of all against themselves. They have raised their hand over their poor, persecuted, exiled, betrayed dreams, banished them far away from themselves, to lose themselves in meaningless schools, in taxes, in wars, in euros, in invented numbers tailor-made by scoundrels as the most sacred sublime truth, a haughty, mindless invention instead of a reality, to paint themselves and others "smart" with "clever" devices of the hands and the rotting heart. "Be cool: post a Story, about something unforgettable and irresistible that's happening to you!" Forget that you are the universe, omnipotence, trust, warmth with no place and no end. Forget that everything that is and lives is intertwined in you.

The dream is an exile in the wilderness and yet our saviour, our Arjuna and his sword, our hope that the barbarian is thrown from the saddle, that the world is raised from hell into an awakened world.


– Rok Zavrtanik