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House of Dreaming Books


House of Dreaming Books is an independent, 100 m2 bookshop in the very centre of Ljubljana, nestled on the lively, multicultural Trubarjeva Street, in the legendary Vrvarna (Rope factory and shop). It is adorned with one of the largest and most beautiful shop windows on the street. The bookshop was founded by Sanje and opened on a World Animal Day, on October 4th in 2011. Check it on Tripadvisor or GoogleMap.

House of Dreaming books was an organizer and a host to many Slovenian and international writers, musicians, artists, journalists and human/animal rights activists from many various cultures and continets. Among them were Birgitta Jonsdottir (Wikileaks), Miljenko Jergovič (Croatia), Marko Tomaš (Bosnia), Oto Horvat (Serbia), Vladislav Bajac (Serbia), Kateřina Tučková (Czech), Florence Hartmann (France), Rafael Correa (ex-president of Ecuador), Slavoj Žižek, famous friar Karel Gržan, Brun Henrik (Denmark), Damir Imamović (Bosnia), Maylis de Kerangal (France), Oya Baydar (Turkey), David Brooks (Australia), Glukhovsky Dmitri (Russia), Peter Wilberg (UK). Sanje were hosting many great international personalities such as Stephane Hessel (France), Noam Chomsky (USA), Masaru Emoto (Japan), Darko Amma (Nigeria), Chris Eckmann (USA), Ina May Gaskin (USA), Colum McCann, Michal Viewegh, Wagner Marsden (USA),  and others. 



What we offer?

  • Books

    The bookshop offers a wide range of quality fiction books in all genres, from poetry, novels, essays, monographs to picture books for children.
    In addition to Slovenian editions, we also offer a selection of books in English, Croatian and other languages, and we can order books for our customers if so desired.
    We also try to find older, antiquarian books for our customers that are harder to find on the book market.
    Although the emphasis is on new releases, we also try to make sure that lesser-known gems are available in the bookshop, even if they were published years ago. As we are running out of space, we try to accommodate our customers with quick orders of the titles they are looking for.
    We also have a wide range of books by Slovenian authors in foreign languages.

    In addition to fiction, the following titles are well represented:
    • comics
    • humanities and social sciences
    • sports (sailing, mountaineering, hiking, running, cycling, etc.)
    • self-help manuals and cookbooks
    • a rich programme for children and adolescents
  • Film
    A selection of world classics and art cinema (Fivia, A.G. Market, Demiurg, Mladina Film ...).
  • Music
    A wide range of Slovenian independent labels with a focus on jazz, ethno, folk, chanson, and in recent years we have enriched the range with Slovenian electronic, progressive rock, punk, metal and hip-hop (Sanje, Moonlee, Kapa, Celinka, Klopotec, Sigic, Druga Godba, ZKP Rtv, Goga, Nika, self-publishers). We are also a leading producer of Slovenian electronic, progressive rock, punk, metal and hip-hop music. We also offer a selection of LPs and CDs by the award-winning label Glitterbeat.
  • Magazines
    A wide range of literary and art magazines, discontinued and ongoing. (Emzin, Ekran, I.d.i.o.t., Sodobnost, Literatura, Apokalipsa, Dialogi, Maska, Časopis za kritiko znanosti, Outsider, Razpotja, Borec, Poetikon) + Mladina and its special issues.
  • Greeting cards/postcards
    Self-produced (Moomins, Kosovel, Tramvaj); reproductions of famous painters, reproductions of Slovenian artists covered by the National and Modern Gallery, postcards by certain illustrators (e.g. Mojca Fo), architectural sketches of Ljubljana. The Baerenpresse moving (pull-out) cards are also a special highlight.
  • Other non-book programme
    Moomins programme (postcards, notebooks, magnets, badges), National Gallery programme (notebooks, postcards/cards, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards), Sidarta and Matjaž Krivic magnets, Slovenian Philanthropy programme (high quality products sewn and made by former Mura workers - book stands and covers, pens, pendants, self-made dolls, etc). A large range of badges produced by us with motifs from picture books.
  • Additional offer
    Books and other purchased goods are gift-wrapped upon request. Not only at Christmas time, but all year round.
    Quality advice based on knowledge, experience and a general overview of the cultural production.
  • Offering support to interntional libraries and bookshops 



House of Dreaming Books | Hiša sanjajočih knjig 

Trubarjeva 29 | 1000 Ljubljana
T:(01)230 14 26 | 041 937 515 |

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday: 10.00 - 19.00 | Sundays and holidays: closed



Can you hear it?
I am the shelter of infinite silence.
A creature of the imagination.
A refuge of the lonely,
who light dreams in the night of a thousand years.
I am the House of Dreaming Books.


See an international press conference held by Sanje's team in March 2023. Presenters are editors Nada Vodušek, Andreja Udovč and Rok Zavrtanik (a publisher). 

Sanje: Alamut, an awakening dragon (Sanje 2023 - visions)