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Vanessa Redgrave about a poetry of France Prešeren


Read more about this incredible story that inspired Assassins Creed and Laibach.


A story that has inspired many generations of children now available in many languages.


Alamut (English)
€14.95 - €29.99

"Alamut is finished. Relaxed, finally. ... I feel Alamut will be understood by readers in 50 years time."

A young warrior arrives at a secret mountain fortress and enters the service of a self-proclaimed prophet, Hasan ibn Sabbah who is training an elite group of fanatical fighters who are willing to die for his cause. But the warrior discovers that the enigmatic Hasan has created a massive deception in order to carry out his master-plan.

With the beautiful gazelle-eyed Halima and the other women he’s bought from the slave markets of Basra and Baghdad, along with a secret substance he's cultivated in the gardens of Alamut, the Master of Alamut—the self-proclaimed prophet, Hasan ibn Sabbah—has created a virtual paradise on earth that will help to transform his corps of elite fighters into “living daggers” that he will use to destroy his enemies and anyone else standing in his way to domination.

Alamut is the first-ever English translation of Slovenian writer Vladimir Bartol’s near-forgotten masterpiece—a bestseller across Europe and translated into 19 languages nearly 60 years after its initial publication—based on the life and legend of the original “assassin” and world’s first political terrorist, 11th century Ismaili leader Hasan ibn Sabbah.

Revered by millions for his brilliance, and disdained by countless others for the reign of terror he spawned with his suicide missions, ibn Sabbah has inspired scores of writers throughout the centuries, including Rimbaud, Nerval, Borges and William Burroughs.

Much more than a prophetic treatise or political allegory on terrorism, Alamut is a gripping story of one man’s unmanacled drive to play God and the human price paid by the innocent to fuel that drive.

Underaprecciated: Alamut
- Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC

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Estrellita Dormilona
Regular price €12.95
Children's book

Starting out as a hugely successful radio play in 1952 (still one of the most popular children’s audiobooks), continuing as a puppet show (translated into several languages and staged throughout then Yugoslavia, in Russia, Poland, Germany, the Czech republic, Switzerland, Italy, even Chile and Canada), the legendary Little Sleepy Star finally appeared in book form in 1993 with illustrations by Gorazd Vahen.

When night falls, the stars go to work, showing the way to travellers, inspiring poets… Except for the Little Sleepy Star who is always late. But the absence of a star in the sky causes strange things to happen on Earth… In order to punish her and teach her responsibility, Uncle Moon sends her to Earth.

Before she can return to the sky, she will have to experience the difficulties of life down here, learn that nothing is to be had without money and teach a terrible brigand with a stone instead of a heart to spell the word “dear” so he can write to his mother.

As all good fairy tales do, Little Sleepy Star gives direct but unintrusive lessons on values such as responsibility, love and acceptance. The poetry and warm humour suffusing the text have bewitched generations of Slovenian children for over half a century.


The artwork of the fairy tale published by Sanje comprises 22 double-page and several smaller illustrations, all by Gorazd Vahn.

The book has been published in several translations.

Little Sleepy Star (in Slovenian: Zvezdica Zaspanka) is the first Slovenian radio play for children. It was written by Frane Milčinski - Ježek and won the Levstik Prize in 1952. Zvezdica Zaspanka is one of the most popular children's characters and fairy tales in Slovenia.

Little Sleepy Star has fallen asleep again and did not make it to the sky in time. That's why strange things start happening on Earth. Godfather Moon gets upset and sends her to Earth as punishment. But there is the terrible bandit Ceferin, who has a stone for a heart ...

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