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The Little Match Girl
The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl

Author: Hans Christian Andersen Publisher: Sanje Language: English Translation: H. B. Paull
Her little hands were almost frozen with the cold. Ah! perhaps a burning match might be some good, if she could draw it from the bundle and strike it against the wall, just to warm her fingers. She drew one out—scratch! how it sputtered as it burnt! It gave a warm, bright light, like a little candle, as she held her hand over it. It was really a wonderful light.
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    The Little Match Girl is a timeless fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen, one of the greatest fairy-tale writers of all time. It is about a poor girl who, on New Year's Eve, wanders through the snowy streets without being able to sell a single box of matches. To keep warm, she lights the last three matches, each flame evoking visions of a happier life. The lights rise higher and higher, all the way to the stars... until she beholds a falling star, shooting across the sky.

    Inspired by Andersen’s unforgettable fairy tale, a renowned Slovenian artist Polona Lovšin spent years dreaming up The Little Match Girl like no other.

    And yet, today, you will find them in every corner of the Earth ... The Little Match Girls.

    More Information
    Issue date 11/27/2021
    Sanjska cena 19.50
    Format 315 x 360
    Scope 40
    ISBN 9789612746681
    translators H. B. Paull
    Editor Rok Zavrtanik
    Publisher Sanje
    Language English

    She lighted another match, and then she found herself sitting under the most magnificent Christmas-tree that was larger and more beautifully decorated than the one which she had seen through the glass door at the rich merchant’s. A thousand tapers burnt on its green branches, and colored pictures, like those she had seen in the show-windows, looked down upon it all. The little one stretched out her hand towards them, and the match went out.

     Hans Christian Andersen

    Hans Christian Andersen

    Hans Christian Andersen (2. april 1805–4. avgust 1875) – pesnik, pisatelj, svetovni znan pripovednik in pravljičar. Zasnoval je številne znamenite pravljice: Cesarjeva nova oblačila. Deklica z vžigalicami, Leteči kovček, Mala morska deklica, Stanovitni kositrni vojak, Svinjski pastir, Snežna kraljica ter številne druge. 

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