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What books can I buy at

The online bookstore Sanje offers a wide range of quality fiction books in all genres, from poetry, novels, essays, monographs to picture books for children. In addition to fiction, comics, humanities and social sciences, sports books, self-help and cookery guides and a wide range of children's and young people's books are well represented. Books are mostly in Slovene, but we also offer a selection of books in English, Croatian and other languages, and we can order them for our customers if necessary. In the online bookshop you will find a varied programme of new books, but we also stock our online shelves with antiquarian books and, at the customer's request, we can also find older and rarer books that are hard to find on the market. The bookshop also offers e-books and audiobooks. And if you would like to spice up your reading with music, our online shop offers quality Slovenian music and other programmes such as coffee mugs, postcards, magnets and indispensable gift vouchers that will delight your loved ones.


What are the obligations and benefits of joining Sanje Book Family?

Membership of Sanje Book Family (SBF) is a loyalty reward programme. SBF is free of charge for the member and does not entail any obligations. At a time when the so-called public media are mostly no longer fulfilling their mission, when they represent the private interests of their "owners" and lobbies instead of the public and cultural interest, it is of utmost importance for both the publishing house, which remains faithful to its mission of spreading awareness and knowledge, and for the readers to maintain and nurture their mutual contacts. As a member of SBF, you will enjoy the maximum benefits, discounts and privileges exclusive to SBF members. You will be informed first-hand about the projects and new editions of one of the most renowned book and music publishers in Slovenia. Soon we will also start rewarding your loyalty. All this without any material obligations. More about the Sanje Book Family.


Are all the books available online also available in the House of Dreaming Books bookshop? 

Not all books published online are available in the House of Dreaming Books bookshop. You can check whether a book is available in the bookshop on the product page. To reserve a book in case of low stock, you can call the bookshop (01-2301426) and reserve the book by appointment. If you would like to order a copy of a book that is not currently available in the bookshop, you can do so by telephoning the bookshop. You will be notified when the item is available.


How do I become a member of Sanje Book Family?

The easiest and quickest way to join is to join during the online purchase process at the Sanje online bookstore.

You can also join in person at the House of Dreaming Books bookshop or at the Sanje Publishing headquarters.

What are my favourite products marked with a heart and where can I find them?

These are the products you have marked with the heart symbol - "Add to wishlist".

You can find these products in your account in the online bookstore - in the fourth line on the left: "My Wish List".

If you are already logged in to your account, just click on the heart icon at the top right of the page.


What are Cookies? 

A cookie is placed on your device to ensure the smooth running of the website. Find out more here.


Is my personal data protected?

Your data is protected; Sanje Publishing will use your data exclusively for the fulfilment of its mission and under the conditions defined in the General Terms and Conditions.
We will not pass on your data to anyone.


What is Book Night and where can I find out more about it?

Find out more about Book Night on the Book Night website.



Can I collect the products I buy online in person?

If you have chosen to personally collect your order during the order process, you can do so at the House of Dreaming Books bookstore at 29 Trubarjeva Street in Ljubljana during opening hours. We will notify you when all the products you have ordered are available for collection. Personal collection at the publisher's headquarters is possible by special arrangement only.


How do I buy an e-book? How do I collect my e-book?

More about buying e-books and instructions in the last section.


Can you gift-wrap my order? 

Yes. Under each physical product you have the option to tick "I would like the product to be gift wrapped". This will open an additional window where you can choose the gift paper, add a greeting for the recipient and tick that you do not want the price to be displayed to the recipient.

You can also choose to wrap the gift later, when you are already in the basket view.


Can I write a message for the person I want to give a gift to when I place my order?



How do I redeem my gift voucher?

Tick the "Purchase with gift card" box in the basket and enter the card code in the box that opens.


How do I know that my order has been successfully placed?

The online bookstore will automatically send you a confirmation email to the email address you used to make the purchase. If you have not received the message, please check your "Promotions" folder and your "Spam" folder.

If you have not received the message, please contact us at or call us on 041 937 515.


Does the final order amount include tax and delivery charges?



How can I change the quantity of an item in my basket?

In the "Quantity" box, select the desired number of copies and click "update basket".


How can I double-check the description of a book after it has been placed in my basket?

Click on the product and you will be taken to the product presentation window. You can go back to your basket by clicking on the basket icon (top right).


How do I check whether the book I want to order is new or used?

All used books in the online bookshop are clearly marked as antiquarian books.


How can I remove products that are already in my basket?

Select the X in your basket and the product will be deleted from your basket.


Is the book I put in my basket already reserved?

No, it is only reserved when the order is confirmed.


Why do I see the status "in process" for my order?

The products you have ordered are not yet ready for dispatch. This is most often the case when a product is in storage with an external supplier.


What payment methods are available for orders?

You can pay for your orders in the online bookstore by Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, PayPal, pre-invoice or cash on delivery to a courier service. We also intend to offer cryptocurrency payments in the near future.


Is it safe to pay for my order on the website?




What does "delivery time X working days" mean? When will I receive the package?

A working day is any working day of the week from Monday to Friday. If the delivery time is written as 5 working days and you ordered your package on Thursday, you will receive it no later than Thursday of the following week.


How much do you charge for delivery?

Delivery of your order is charged according to the current price list. In case of an order over EUR 35, the delivery is free of charge - valid for Slovenia.


When can I expect my order?

Shipments are usually dispatched within one to two working days after the order is placed, with the exception of shipments containing products that need to be picked up at a remote warehouse (this applies to products from external suppliers).


How can I track my package?

Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an email with the tracking number of your package.


To which countries in the world can I order goods from the Sanje online shop?

You can order physical products from the online shop to addresses in Slovenia, EU countries, the UK and the USA. We are gradually expanding our offer to other countries.

We ship internationally using DHL.



Do I need to register before I buy?

You do not need to register to purchase. In this case, you will not be eligible for the Sanje Prices, which are only available to registered users who are members of Sanje Book Family.


How do I log in to my personal account?

If you are logging in for the first time, click "Create an account" and you will be taken to a form where you can choose your username and password.


What is my username and password?

You can only choose a username that is not already taken. Your password must be at least three different character classes. The character classes are: lower case, upper case, numbers, special characters.


My order has not arrived yet; is there any way to check what is happening with my order on the website?

You received a tracking number in your parcel dispatch message.



How can I publish my book with Sanje Publishing House? Do you accept manuscripts?

We are a very small team at Sanje, so unfortunately we are very short of time to read manuscripts. The so-called "market laws", burdened with many administrative hurdles, have a devastating effect on a small book market like Slovenia. This is unlikely to change as long as we remain subservient to the ideologies driven by the imperialist powers that are currently dominant.

However, it is true that you can send us your manuscript by e-mail to, but we recommend that you study our mission statement and catalogue beforehand.

We receive many unsolicited manuscripts and are unable to keep a record of them, so a reminder that we do not return manuscripts is in order.



You can buy e-books by Sanje Publishing in the Sanje online bookstore.
Sanje eBooks are watermarked (so-called "social DRM") and without traditional DRM (short for "Digital Rights Management"), and will work on all devices, but cannot be uploaded to websites or file-sharing networks. So we are betting on trust, which is sorely lacking today at all levels! Let's get it back!
When you buy an e-book, you can download it as an epub file (for all readers or devices except Kindle) or as a mobi file (for Kindle). Both files will remain available in the e-library on your personal account for further downloads.
Depending on your e-book reader, you can just click the link to the file (iPad/iPhone) or receive it wirelessly via email (Kindle) or connect your device and drag and drop the downloaded file.
If you would prefer to buy your Sanje eBooks directly from Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google or Sony, you will receive them in the usual way, with Digital Rights Management (DRM) applied.
It should be mentioned here that you will not find most of the e-books published by Sanje at these retailers.


Start reading instantly on your iPad, iPhone or Kindle

If you are using iOS (iPad or iPhone), you will be able to click on the link to download the epub file and select "Open in iBooks". If you want to read the e-book on other devices, you can use Sync Collections in iBooks or receive the epub file by email and open it in Mail. You can also log in to your account on the Sanje website at any time and go to the "My eBooks" tab in your user account to re-download the epub file.

If you use a Kindle or the Kindle app, you will have a Send-to-Kindle email address that ends with (usually, but you can find it on the Manage your Devices page on Manage your Kindle). On the Manage your Kindle page, you'll need to go to Personal Document Settings to authorise the email address to send the eBook. Sanje website can then wirelessly deliver a mobi file to this address if you click the "Email ebook" button under the book on the order history page. You can save this email address for future purchases, which will then be instant and wireless.

Or you can, of course, download it to your Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc.

For some e-readers, you will need to download the file to your computer, then connect the device to your computer - probably with a USB cable - and drag the file into the books or documents folder on the device.

Save the mobi file locally, connect your Kindle to the USB cable and open Finder, File Manager or Windows Explorer (a program that shows drives and folders) and you will see a new device called SDCARD on the left-hand side. There should be a folder called My Files or My Documents in SDCARD: copy the mobi file into it. Then when you open the Documents section of your Kindle, you should see it.

Nook, Kobo, etc.
Download the epub file to your computer, connect your Nook with a USB cable and a new drive or device called MyNookColor will appear. If you have an sdcard in your Nook, the SDCARD will also appear. Copy the epub file to the MyNookColor/my files/books folder.

Reading an e-book on a desktop computer

On a Mac, you can download and open epub files in iBooks. For Windows, you will first need to download an e-book reader such as Adobe Digital Editions. Once installed, you can download and open the epub file.

If your e-book is displayed as a zip file, this means you still need to download the software needed to read it.

Still having problems?

Sanje eBooks are DRM-free and epub files are the global standard for eBooks - we've done our best to make them readable on any device or computer. If you think something has gone wrong with your download, you can re-download the eBook at any time from your library page in your user account.

If you are still having problems, please email us at with your order number and we will do our best to help you.

Remember to add the following information:
1. Which device and app you are using,
2. What steps you have already tried and
3. At what point the process failed and what error messages you received.

Do you have any other questions?

Contact us at or call us on 041 937 515.