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Sanje TV is doing its best to open doors and windows which the so-called powers are desperately trying to close: doors and windows of beauty, truth, justice. Doors and windows of great poems, important stories and struggles. 

We do our best to build bridges between peoples of our world, to connect with our hearts and souls. 

Platform of Sanje TV is originally Slovenian, so most of the videos are in that language. However we've build an international, English language based playlist, where you can browse through some interesting videos that are connected with our work and our authors. 

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Vanessa Redgrave: A Toast | Zdravljica (France Prešeren)


Vanessa Redgrave, France Preseren Anthem for all the nations that strive for freedom




Eshgh | Prayer for Peace | Molitev za mir


Panda visits United States of America (House of Dreaming Books)