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New year's dream

New year's dream

January 1, 2024 2 min read
Dear all,
we dream and wish that in 2024, the Lie disguised as Truth - which it has stolen the clothes of, and paraded naked around the world - will finally lose its stolen power and prestige. 
That we will once again be able to embrace the Truth, even if naked, untainted and unwanted. 
That we may understand our original sin, and that profiteering may be washed away by the spring rain!
That the dream entrusted to Marjan Tomšič by a tree so long ago may come true.
The wind blew and the canopy rustled. The wind, caressing and combing the leaves, spoke to him through the canopy, murmuring: "What has been turned into poison by the curse will become nectar again. What has been broken in two and wounded in two by the fall will be united and become one again. What has crawled will fly again. That which has been cursed will sing and glorify again. What has been thrown down will be lifted up. What has wept and lamented for millennia will be comforted. What was thirsty will be quenched and what was hungry will be fed. Tears will be wiped away, heavy burdens will be lifted."
It is indeed time: people, let us turn on the light!
Happy, hearty and blessed!
Sanje community




Here's our little New Year gift of imagination: music, poetry and stories.
We've published them on - for you and for us!
Note: most of video's are in Slovenian language. 


Mila Kačič Pismo (Letter)

Pablo Neruda Nocoj lahko pišem (Tonight i can write ...)

Frane Milčinski Ježek Dolgolasi ima črn klobuk (The Long-Haired Man Has a Black Hat)

France Prešeren Krst pri Savici (The Baptism at Savica)

Tjaša Koprivec Vuga Človeka ni (There is No Man)

Ivan Peternelj Byron

Hajrudin Ramadan: Kino (Zgodbe dežja) (Cinema (Stories of +The Rain)

Frane Milčinski Ježek Ljudje, prižgimo luč! (People, let's turn on the light!)

Fran Milčinski Žival se je pogovarjala (The Animal Was Talking)