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Sonnets of Unhappiness and Other Poems Vanessa Redgrave, France Preseren  Anthem for all the nations that strive for freedom
Sonnets of Unhappiness and Other Poems

Sonnets of Unhappiness and Other Poems

Author: France Prešeren Publisher: Sanje Language: English

Prešeren International Collection
Selected poems by Prešeren interpreted in English by world-renowned artists.
Accompanied by a booklet with the texts of the poems in English translations.

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    Sonnets of Unhappiness and Other Poems brings together a selection of the best English translations of Prešeren's poems. The poems have been interpreted for Sanje by world-renowned playwrights Vanessa Redgrave, Simon Callow and Katrin Cartlidge. The album also includes two samosongs, Kamč and Pevcu (performed by Marjana Lipovšek, with piano accompaniment by Anthony Spiri).

    The Prešeren in Audiobooks project was awarded the Most Beautiful Book of 2001.


    Medijski odzivi

    »Prešeren, kot ga še nismo slišali.«
    - Delo

    More Information
    Sanjska cena 15.30
    Format 105 x 140
    Scope 58:04 min
    ISBN 9619057392
    Editor Rok Zavrtanik

    Redgrave, Vanessa
    Cartlidge, Katrin
    Callow, Simon
    Bischof, Rainer
    Lipovšek, Marjana
    Spiri, Anthony
    Samec, Blaž

    Collection SANJE glasba
    Publisher Sanje
    Language English

    The warring clouds have vanished from the skies;
    The war of  men has ended with the night.
    The morning sun gilds the three heads that rise
    Supreme above Carniola’s snowpeaks white.
    The lake of  Bohinj calm in stillness lies,
    No sign of strife remains to outward sight;
    Yet in the lake the fierce pike never sleep,
    nor other fell marauders of the deep.


    (An excerpt from Prešeren’s epic poem The Baptism at The Savica; transl. by Alasdair MacKinnon)

    France Prešeren

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