World's masterpiece | novel Alamut
Laibach Alamut - Poster
Laibach Alamut - Poster

Laibach Alamut - Poster

Author: Laibach

Laibach Alamut - Poster

Official poster for Laibach's Alamut. Offset print, 68x98 cm

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    Laibach Poster

    Laibach Alamut - Poster

    Official poster for Laibach's Alamut. Offset print, 68x98 cm

    Alamut is an original symphonic work by Laibach based on a famous story from eleventh-century Persia, as told by the Slovene writer Vladimir Bartol in his novel of the same title published in 1938. The central character is Hassan-i Sabbāh, the charismatic religious and political leader of the Nizari Ismailis and the founder of a mysterious military formation known as the Assassins, whose name is still feared and respected today. Hassan-i Sabbāh is a self-proclaimed prophet who leads a holy war against the Seljuk Empire from his eyrie – the castle of Alamut. Alamut looked at mechanisms of propaganda at the time when Bartol, a Slovenian author, witnessed the rise of Fascism in Trieste, Italy, where he lived.  In Laibach’s Alamut, the ideas of radical nihilism interweave with the classical Persian poetry of Omar Khayyam, the sensual verses of Mahsati Ganjavi blend with minimalist orchestral colours derived from Iranian tradition. Hassan-i Sabbāh’s propaganda mechanism are echoed in the industrial principle of the workings of the orchestra and Laibach’s unique approach of sound and visuals.



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